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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

And it returns! People still email me every week demanding the return of Magic and the gang, and finally, here it is! You can expect some changes though: I'm a much apt storyteller now and you'll see that reflected in the comic, which will now be a regular longform comic, where I'll get to practice my storytelling skills applied to long fantasy epics. I've got somewhat of a new direction for NRFM and I kindly invite you to stick around!
Oh, and for thoe of you new tothe whole thing: I'm Adis, you might know me from my other and welcome to No Room For Magic, a not entirely new, but quite fun weekly comic updating every Thursday, except for the inaugural week (this one), because I'll post two comics, so, see you tomorrow!
Now go to your room!,
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No Room For Magic is Adrian Ramos.